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Giga Pulse Power

Advanced Core Technology!

The Giga Pulse Power is the advanced core power supply for designing variety of industrial equipment. It is able to modulate variety of frequency and amplitude on short time, supply the energy (Giga watt grade) toward to target on short time.

Especially, The Giga Pulse Power of PSTEK has a function of modulation on Peak Power, Frequency, and Pulse width, therefore it is able to control pulse waveform output that operator needs on manufacture process.
The switching method’s energy loss rate is better than SCR method or Trigger method. The product was applied the switching method, so it has high efficiency function.

The Giga pulse power that has high power and high precision is a based technology at high tech industry equipment such as Light sintering system in the printed electronic industry, HiPIMS (High Impulse Magnetron Sputtering), Micro Pulse electric precipitator, pulse power product on water treatment etc. It is a device for improving function of system.