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CEO Greetings

Thank you for visiting our website.

PSTEK is growing to be a global leading company to develop industrial power electronic products.

The Power electronic products of PSTEK mainly being used for an advanced industrial manufacturing process to produce steel, semiconductor, electronic components.

Since PSTEK established in 1998, PSTEK has been engaging in development and manufacturing of power electronic products.
PSTEK has been providing total solution that development and design of power electronic products includes consulting, manufacturing, installation, post management. Therefore PSTEK has provided optimum system in industrial site that using our products to customer.

PSTEK has aimed to become specialized company in the R&D of power electronic, so PSTEK has been keep hiring over 30% R&D employees since company foundation.PSTEK has been producing high-tech products that have high-efficiency and user-friendly, based on R&D investment. At the same time, PSTEK has been progressing localization of high-value special power supply products.As a result, PSTEK is competing against world’s companies in High-capacity Induction Heat and UV Lamp electronic Ballast industry through international competitive products that based on high technology.

PSTEK will try to take the lead in global power electronic industry constantly in the future, and PSTEK will do our best to grow together with customer who give us encouragement and support.

Thank you.