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Product Info

High Efficiency & High Quality Power Supply
PSTEK has supplied the high-performance product such as high-capacity and high-frequency inverter, high-capacith and high-efficiency ballasts, defense and medical power supplies and so on to the variety of industries.
  • Induction Heattreatment
  • Induction Heating
  • Induction Melting
  • Induction Pipe Welding
  • for UV Long Arc Lamp
    – Metal(Fe) UV Lamp
    – Metal(Ga) UV Lamp
    – Mecury UV Lamp
  • for UV Short Arc Lamp
  • for Flash Lamp
  • MRI Gradient Amplifier
  • Ultra-Sound
  • DC Booster
  • Medical
    Power Supply
  • Rectifier(Ingot, BWMS)
  • Flash Lamp Power Supply
  • HiPIMS(High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering)
  • Printed Electronic(IPLSS)
  • Water Treatment Pulse Power
  • Micro Pulse Micro Pulse Electrostatic Precipitator