TitleDevelopment of power supply for high capacity charger
Development of power supply for high capacity charger
High-capacity wireless charging technology to the Associated Press, the power supply for high-capacity wireless charging is introduced.
[Large capacity charging technology, we preempt]
War reporter Dany = KAIST and the Korea Railroad Research Institute, that can supply large amounts of power to the wireless, wireless charging electric train has developed a proprietary technology.
Chungbuk Osong the Osong bases Korea Rail Network Authority at 10:00 AM the KAIST and cheoldoyeon, 13, demonstrated in a wireless feed.
This technology is a technology able to supply the 60kHZ for power increases more than three times the 20 kHz (kilohertz) feed KAIST developed in the existing wireless charging electric buses.
It is converted into electricity by buried electrical lines on the road that caused the magnetic field, the magnetic force on a vehicle supplied by the wireless technology used to power wireless electric vehicle charging technology.
Not need to be equipped with a large number of real-time charging the battery without the need to stop at the filling station, charging while it has the advantage of light weight.
KAIST is a newly developed technology to the test to be applied in the coming five wolkke samurai line undertenant the road surface tram.
The tram lines samurai equipped with high-capacity battery, you can drive about 25km on a single charge of the battery capacity, but the limits as to be difficult to drive long distances for the power supply, connect the power line to the roof of the tram, there was a problem.

Because power for wireless power transmission technology, when applied to the railway, the train can be powered without contact, lower the cost of construction of enemies, as well as the wear of the feed device eliminates the need for equipment such as telephone poles, catenary can reduce the cross-sectional area of ​​the tunnel. can.
Can solve the problem of the conflict between the catenary or noise (train pantograph Pantograph above the roof) and at high speed.
If this technology is successful, it is expected to be able to secure the world’s highest level of technology beyond Germany Bombardier Inc. (Bombardier) Primo on Primove,
The mumba Deer’s Primo on the train has been operating and the installation of the test line Augsburg, Germany 800m 275m. 20kHz, the power and the top speed is about 50km / h.
The railway system, as well as logistics transport system, including the port and airport handling equipment for power, mobile phones, laptops, robots, and leisure in various fields such as wireless can be used in the feed market.


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